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Dorn Method for dogs

On Wednesday, 7 October 2015 morning, my Janette (female of Bolognese, 11,5 years), as every other day, jumped out of bed and went to the toilet. In a moment I noticed that she is some weird that drop her back part of the body, and she can not to keep on the their hind legs. Within seconds on the back legs did not stand at all, she trying to move,but legs dragged behind.  Completely paralyzed hindquarters. I started to panic, I did not know what had happened, I felt helpless, in my mind reflected the worst scenarios. Immediately we went to the vet for examination. Verdict vet was: shifting hotplates, swelling of the spine, and we were recommended immediate surgery.  Preliminary cost of the operation would be amounting to several thousand euros, but they not guarantee result operation, due to high age of female. As a second alternative was offered injectable treatment which should remove swelling the spinal cord and possible inflammation and  condition of Jannete could perhaps could adjust the a little bit. The advantage was that Jannete had preserved deep sensitivity, and therefore we preferred injection treatment. It was also necessary to monitor whether the maintained emptying. Fortunately, all this Jannete command, emptying was conscious and controlled, which was another plus for Jannete.  Already in the surgery occurred to me to go to a recommended therapist  Dorn method and try to solve health condition of Jannete this way. We just do not give up.

The  therapist of Dorn Method arrived the same day and began, "Dorn". The therapist found widespread declines lumbar vertebrae and their shift, was shift on a pan, and was the shifted all the bones and joints of the body.  The bones were returned to their physiological position, shift vertebrae using flasks was returning to their proper place. After the first therapy was Jannete, very tired and slept all evening and all night.

The next day we could not believe my eyes, came the first tiny success and Jannete had a attempt to build on her hind legs. The therapist coming in twice times a week to check the status Jannete, still cupping it, we started to rehabilitate. Jannete during the three days lost any muscle mass on his hind legs, so we had to start outside therapy regular intensive and exercise strengthening, in order to rebuild muscle mass and thus legs started gaining momentum.

Over time condition Jannete improved so much that she stand on her legs and began walking alone. All this convinced me that Dorn method is directly "miracle" and I decided to take a course Dorn method for dogs, so I could help preventive my dogs, dogs of my friends and especially avoid similar accidents as had a Jannete.

Everything I am tried to document on video, which is filmed over a period of 1.5 months from the first day of the paralysis and the first treatment Dorn Method, you can see how the health condition Jannete improved. The video is a little bit longer, please watch the till the end.  Maybe that help someone, in the decision, to make preventive treatment of their dogs using the Dorn method and relieve them to be without back pain, pain free joints, females did not difficult births and they have long have lived contented and happy life both physically and also mentally.

cerifikát- Dornova metoda

DORN METHOD - what is it?

Basic and most important meaning of Dorn Method (DM) is a return of joints and vertebrae to physiological, correct position. It is a gentle manual therapy which is performed in the dynamics muscular system. This is done loose and natural movement in the active participation of of the patient.  This movement bypassing muscular protection, employment muscles  allow us to free manipulation of joints and the vertebrae. At the same time takes place releasing blockages in the tissues and energy lines. Returning the bone to its physiological place flatten the total statics and dynamics. It works only touched with your hands. Thumb, fist or palm puts pressure on correcting bone or joint.  DM is very safe, works swinging movements, to the pain threshold.  Animals this method is very well accepted. Prerequisite for success is the active cooperation.

For which dogs is Dorn Method suitable:

- Dog in the sporting load

- Dog after surgeries and injuries

- For dogs in breeding kennels

- For puppies

- Dog in the home environment

- For dogs in rescue centers

The most common problems that can Dorn method for dogs to solve:

Incorrect position of the bones in the articular capsule, rotation and sunken vertebrae, shifts sacral bone and pans, blockades of the cervical spine and occipital bone, stiffness the dog's body and other problems combined dog's skeletal system. Dorn method for dogs not only creates a good balance in the solid component, but also significantly affects the psyche of the animal when after physical relief, comes also psychical relief.

What happens in the body during the blockade?

Vertebra, one after another, form the spinal canal. In the canal is placed spinal cord and from spinal cord emerge spinal nerves.  Vertebra naturally moved, but due to impact or mechanical overload gets vertebra in the wrong position and there is oppression nerves or spinal cord (mechanical shifting bones or a slipped disc, which is vertebrae compressed), using DM returns vertebrae into place, as soon as possible to remove cause of the pressure.

Likewise may experience a shift of bones of limbs which meet in the articular capsule.

Both are cause pain, limitation of movement or paralysis. DM is trying to remedy that gently and not by force returning the bone into the correct - physiological position. There will be removal the causes of the problems and the body starts to work properly again. It leads to natural regeneration and healing processes. Therefore, Dorn Method can also help the paralyzed animals. Always however, depends on the extent of damage and speed help. In these serious conditions it is necessary to cooperate with the veterinarian,  make X-ray images and use of treatment - appropriate medication for the swelling spinal cord and inflammation.

The frequency of treatments depends on the activity and the load of the animal. It always depends on the actual state of the animal. If the health condition and a speech of the animal  is good, it is recommended preventive treatments 1-2 times per year.

The most effective is always prevention. Treatment supporting system is in a healthy individual a comfortable and regular checking preceded by mechanical damage and premature wear of the cartilage and joints.

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For translation into English, I used a web translator. Please, excuse my the mistakes. Thank you.

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