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This life step must always considered carefully. Small breeds can live 12 to 15 years old, You are therefore to a friend for a long time. Care of him mostly distributed on the entire family.

If the decision is final and we agreed on the breed, mostly through the Internet, professional cynology magazine or newspaper advertisement  we collect several contacts to breeders.

What next? We called a breeder, we find out who currently has puppies. Best to kennel (or several) in consultation with the breeder directly visit. See what the dogs environment in which puppies grow up as them and other dogs cared for. They are a full hours of questions and answers. A good breeder willingly responds. But he also asks us, many things. If we want a puppy for show or as a pet, as it is in your home who will take care of the dog, etc.. Breeder depend on to pup, about which lovingly cared for, have a good.

Puppies usually remain the first 8-12 weeks of life with the mother. Minimum age for taking the puppies under the Act is the 50th day after their birth. During that time they learn self to eat , drink , play and also partially maintain hygiene rules ( eg, walking the diaper ). Puppies are at the breeder 4x preventive wormed , vet inspected , microchipped and got first vaccination.

How should be Bolognese puppy at the time of take over look like?

 Must be clean , lively , merry, well-fed

-   The hair must be white , some the puppy can have  brownish color of ears and head

-   Pigmentation must be evident ( black nose , black lines around the eyes, black paw pads )

-   The bite should be scissors ( pincer is enabled ) , the teeth should be already out, or clearly  indicated in the gums , the  must be

     6 incisors in the upper jaw and 6 incisors in the lower jaw.

-   Tail should be put on the back

-   Male should be palpable testicles , already placed in the scrotum

They to be beautiful and fragrant pup babies.

The day of " D" ,  we will take your  puppy home. You   usually get  from a breeder  the starter kit , ie feeding in the beginning, the toy for the puppy , written advice and also receive the pet passport with the above data on vaccinations and worming and sign a purchase contract .  You will also get a certificate of origin - pedigree, when Studbook ČMKU  sent to breeder, but usually it takes a little longer and pedigree will be sent later by post to the address of the new owner.

Breeding service should be obvious (ie need any advice , contact the breeder and he has certainly answers and good advice ) .

At home, you prepare ahead of time for a puppy dog bed , water bowl and food bowl . Possibly also diapers to pee . And of course toys - special , suitable for puppies.

At this time , aged 8-12 weeks is the most ideal period for entry into a new family . Puppy is undergoing a period of so-called socialization ,  getting used to his new person and his family a new home. Thus there arises usually a strong emotional attachment to their owner and love for all life.


For translation into English, I used a web translator. Please excuse my the mistakes. Thank you.

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