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Dog breeding process is not complicated, it is truly amazing. Nature has reached a way to ensure that fertilization will occur in animal reproduction. If you have ever seen a dog mating and gets lock up, you’ll probably worry that your pet will be injured or put into danger because some of them would cry and seems to be hurt while being locked together end to end. Helping escaping the dogs from this scenario can lead to a much more complicated situation.

Male dogs can start to have a sperm production by the age of 7 to 10 months old. Stud dogs are supposed to reproduce between 15 months, and 4 years old after the number of sperm starts to lessen and so with the female dogs before the ability to penetrate eggs to decrease. By the age of 10 years old ad more, most stud dogs cannot be able to produce sperm anymore that will impregnate a female dog.

Mating of Inexperience Dog

A virgin dog will sometimes be anxious and difficult to breed. They will often be unsure, less skilled and unquestionably inexperience. It is beneficial if the experience dog will make the performance and to be mated the first few times. It is therefore advisable to mate virgin dogs to experience one.

Steps to Successful Mating  

Make it sure that your dog is ready to mate at around 10 to 12 days after going into heat.

Watch for the signals before mating. Usually you can see the signs when the discharge of the female dog changed from color dark red to tan color.

Try to bring the two dogs together all the time for several days to avoid skittishness behavior.

When ready, female dogs are better to lubricate her vagina with a non-spermicidal agent to help the male dog a little.

It is normal to expect foreplay between the two dogs. It is a form of courting session before the serious business of mating has to engage.

At the beginning of mating, dogs will release sperm and prostatic fluid. Getting lock together while copulating is normal for dogs. Locking method of the two dogs prevents the semen from leaking. It ensures the reproduction process to be successful.

Why Do Dogs Get Lock?

A dog’s penis is not erect upon entering the vagina. A small bone found inside the penis called baculum that holds the penis to attain penetration. Once the penis has reached inside the vagina, the bulbus glandis will start to congest with blood. The bulbus glandis that is found at the base stem of the penis will swell once it has reached inside the vagina then eventually lock the dogs. Others called this as the mating tie.

This could last from 5 to 30 minutes. As soon as the dogs lock, the male dog commonly moves his leg over the back of the female dog, turns butt to butt. After the male as finished ejaculating the bulbus glandis, it will return to its normal size and the dogs will be separated.  

Mating Is Done

Do not do or put anything to get them apart. Even ice cannot help them to separate; it could only lead your dogs to much more complicated situation. The male dog is supposed to swell and lock inside the female’s vagina for 5 to 30 minutes.

Mating tie could be a suffering to animals, some of them may cry. Never attempt to separate them. It is good to watch closely and keep the two dogs calm. If the female dog is much bigger than the male dog, she can hurt the male if she tries to pull away and panicked, in this case, try to calm your pet by staying on their side. If she knows you’re there, she will be able to steady still until the male has finished ejaculating and automatically pulls them away. 

Impregnation Period

If impregnation occurs, that is the right time to call your pets a successful parents, by letting them know the new bunch of joy waits and will arrive in a couple of months.

Breeding is one natural way that needs a few interventions from the owner than placing the two dogs in a safe and secure environment together. If the timing is wrong, wait for the female to go into heat again in about 6 months.

However, another thing to remember is that female dogs are also prone to possible health problems. As an owner, you have to be responsible enough and aware of these conditions. Puppies are also prone to health problems, the vaccination and food for the puppies is necessary. It is recommended to bring them more frequently to the clinic for proper assessment.

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